6 Pilots for sale (5 Specialized Rorq Pilots and 1 Subcap Pilot)


(Unobtanium Huffer Three) #1


Auction rules:

  1. This Auction will end Sunday at Noon EST If reserves are met
  2. Bid increments of at least 50 mil please
  3. I’ll do my best to update current bids as they come in but I’m short on time (very reason this auction is taking place).
  4. Password to all characters is Hellmarch (capital H)
  5. All characters are in nullsec, can be transfered to highsec at winners request, positive wallet, positive sec status, no killrights
  6. Happy bidding!

Unobtanium Huffer One B/O 30B Current Bid: SOLD

Unobtanium Huffer Two B/O 30B Current Bid: 27B SdeeeL

Unobtanium Huffer Three B/O 30B Current Bid: 26B Spicy Fox

Unobtanium Huffer Four - SOLD

Unobtanium Huffer Five - SOLD

Flee Now B/O 25B Current Bid: 22B

(Seddow) #4

16.5 Flee Now. And is remap availability right on the skill sheet?

(Captainamazing) #5

17b for Flee Now

(Seddow) #6

17.5 For Flee Now

(Unobtanium Huffer Three) #7

Remaps are correct, there’s 4 total.

(Seddow) #8

Will do 18b right now.

(Unobtanium Huffer Three) #9

Thank-you for the offer, but I’m firm on my B/O’s.

May I take this as a bid on the char?

(Seddow) #10

Sure <3

(Phil Bob) #11

I will take Unobtanium Huffer Five for B/O of 25bn

(Phil Bob) #12

ISK sent and account information sent

(Unobtanium Huffer Three) #13

Received, starting transfer now. Pleasure doing business.

Transfer was Initiated on 6/19/2018 @12:52AM EST

(Phil Bob) #14

i will take Unobtanium Huffer Four for B/O of 25bn

(Phil Bob) #15

for Unobtanium Huffer Four, 25Bn isk sent as agreed and account information sent

(Unobtanium Huffer Three) #16

ISK and info Received. Transfer initiated on 6/19/2018 @7:53AM EST

Happy mining!

(Brenda Pontus) #17

I am bidding on Unobtanium Huffer Two for 18bil

(ottomans proud) #18

I am bidding on Unobtanium Huffer Two for 18.5 bil

(Brenda Pontus) #19

I will bid 18bil on Unobtanium Huffer One

(ottomans proud) #20

Unobtanium Huffer Three i am bidding 19 and for I am bidding on Unobtanium Huffer Two for 18.5 bil so total 37.5 bil

(Seddow) #21

Flee Now still has my bid of 18 correct?

(Alcoholic Satan) #22

18.5b on Huffer One