All sold

Downsizing as I really never used these enough as my other chars are already skilled enough.
Positive Wallets
Neutral Standings
No killrights

Dread/Marauder Alts
All sold out

Rorqual/FAX/Logi Pilot
DarkStarRider - 44.5m SP - 220k unallocated
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration 5
Capital Industrial Reconfiguration 5
All Armor Comps 5
Capital Repair Systems 4/Capital Shield Operation 4
Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems 4/Capital Shield Emission Systems 4
Jump Drive Calibration 5 (of course, lol)
Mining Director 5
Shield Command Specialist 5
Amarr Battleship 5 (for Nestor)
HG Spur Pod (for Nestor)

I haven’t injected every carrier skillbook on this one but it can fly any FAX you want in a matter of days, all the important prerequisites are already done. Maxed Shield/Mining boosts are also quite nice to have. Drones/Fighter supports good but not all 5, the focus was on Logi/FAX. Next up in queue are Amarr/Caldari cruiser for Guardian/Basilisk support.

These chars are very specialized - if they can fly something besides their main purpose I felt like it was a truly useful addition to the skillset (Sin + Bombers). Injecting anything up to this amount would cost an obscene amount of isk compared to the cost of buying the characters here :wink:

I can do basic math and am not interested in Skill extractor lowballs, I can do that myself if I wanted to - I appreciate the bumps nonetheless. (Do these people even read this far? One wonders…)

Avengers Must Die - 35b starting bid :: 45b buyout sold
filsdelama - 30b starting bid :: 40b buyout sold
hvick225 - 40b starting bid :: 52b buyout sold
DarkStarRider - 30b starting bid :: 38b buyout

Completely happy to keep training these until they are maxed if no acceptable offers come along, if you see these in the future and haven’t sold but you are still interested I am likely to still be willing to sell - for an appropriate price.

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40B offer

Thanks for meeting the bid so quickly, I will leave this open for another week or two to see if anyone else has interest

28B for filsdelama.(hull upgrades ,repair systems and mechanic skill are 4 not 5)

Thanks for pointing that out - as I mentioned this char lacks behind the other somewhat. I have added the skills to the queue.

However I can’t accept your bid as it is below the minimum and basically extraction value. There is no point in me paying real money for a transfer at that price, 30b is barely enough to make me consider it.

Avengers Must Die 35b buyout offer.

I’ll be injecting an alt for this shortly if I don’t find a char so offer is only valid 24hrs.

Thanks for meeting the minimum bid, but considering it still barely exceeds extraction value I suppose you can spend the isk on injecting, I am not in a hurry.

Can bump this to 40b if that’d be enough for you to consider a buyout now, otherwise I’ll pass.

Best of luck with the sale.

That definitely is considerable. I kind of wanted to aim for 800m/1mSP, which would put that character at 43b. If you can accept that we have a deal right now, if not I will think about the 40b offer for the day.

I can’t do more than 40b. Offer stands for 24hrs if you want to consider.

Avengers Must Die - 32B Offer

If you happen to fill your need elsewhere in that time don’t worry about retracting it prematurely - I highly doubt anything will pop up today that will make me need that little bit of extra liquid but you never know.

I have updated the OP with buyouts, changed the content of the skill descriptions (thanks to Trader Yohan pointing out something significant being absent) to better reflect the existing skillset.

The characters will be trained until maxed out or until sold, whichever comes first :slight_smile:


Avengers Must Die offer 38B

thanks for your bid, bump~

37B for filsdelama. offer stands for 24h

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