remaps availble:3
In highsec with no kill rights

T2 large, medium, and small lasers with great supports (6m SP total).

  • Bhaalgorn- Amarr BS 5 and Minmatar BS 4

  • Oracle and habinger- Amarr BC 5

  • Amarr frigates, desy, and cruiser to 4

  • ready to train Caldari BS for nightmare

  • T1 Mining barge

  • Lvl 4 mission agent standing with hyasyoda

  • T2 armor repair, T2 damage control

Only corp history was a public jump clone service

I have 3 other characters with near Identical skill and standing I would be willing to sell but this one needs to go to make room.

15B Buyout all rules apply

Bumping for offers. Message me here and not eve mail.

the other 3 chars that you have with identical skills , are they all amarr focused?

yes they are as identically skilled as I could manage here is another one for example

10 b b/o

Noted, but to lower then I would go for b/o


12b B/O


Offer accepted, you can send isk and mail me the account name

I am on my way home will do it soon


sounds good. Just post here again when you send it, and I’ll get right on doing the transfer.

Isk sent

and account info sent


Transfer ticket is in. Its all yours.


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