WTS 25m sp char LVL 4 missions


remaps availble:3
In highsec with no kill rights

T2 large, medium, and small lasers with great supports (6m SP total).

  • Bhaalgorn- Amarr BS 5 and Minmatar BS 4
  • Leshak T2 Precursor Weapons for Large and Medium
  • Oracle and habinger- Amarr BC 5
  • Amarr frigates, desy, and cruiser to 4
  • ready to train Caldari BS for nightmare
  • T1 Mining barge
  • Lvl 4 mission agent standing with hyasyoda
  • T2 armor repair, T2 damage control

Please drop to NPC corp if you haven’t.

already done

16 bil

bump of the day

bump of the day

bump of the day

are you still intrested

no had other offers accept, no longer have the funds

I can do 16Bil if you’re interested?

yes please send the isk too Keif with the account it can be transfered too

Sorry mate, in the meantime i bought another character. If still available in a couple of days ill take u up on that deal

rgr that

bump of the day

bump of the day

I can do 16Bil now if you want

are you still interested ?

Edit : I no longer have the fund for this character

Still for sale

Still for sale