65m sp, seeking experienced c3 corp

Looking for an experienced C3 corp with a balanced focused on pvp and pve. Preferably the corp isn’t massive but has 8 or more logged in at a time daily and has a capital to defend assets if raided by a larger group. Srp for logi pilots and a pi buy back program is a big plus as well.

I’m ustz, mostly pvp focused but I’d like a good environment for krabbing so I can afford blingy fits. I can currently fly T3s, logis, covert ops, recon, command, HACs, interceptors, etc. Capitals an option if desired. I’m self sufficient isk wise but if members don’t like to group up and work together outside of pvp I’m not interested.

Best way to reach me is either here or mail in game, thanks for your consideration.

We need combat pilots

Hi there Crusader, instead of joining a a wormhole Corp, why not come in live in Pochven and experience the best of both null-sec and wormhole space!

Stribog Kybernaut Subclade offers players the opportunity to live in Pochven, the newest null-security region in New Eden with unique gameplay and mechanics found nowhere else in the game. This region functions like a series of interconnected wormhole systems independent from the rest of New Eden, apart from filaments and wormhole connections.

What we offer:
ム Industry - Establish yourself in a new region of space
ム Logistics - Transport into and out of Pochven with easy connections to Empire space
ム Mining - Mine unique and profitable ores and ice found only in Pochven
ム PvE - Battle Drifters, Rogue Drones, and EDENCOM
ム PvP - Fight solo or in small-gang warfare
ム Training - Learn how to live, operate, and thrive in this new Region

Stribog is recruiting new capsuleers and corporations of all skill levels and vocations. From moon-mining to small gang PvP, our alliance caters to players on any career path.

We have established ourselves as the largest, most organized, and most industrially developed pro-Trigalvian alliance in Pochven and, over the course of the invasion, we have built up a great community with a number of experienced FCs and dedicated players. We are always looking for like-minded players who are interested in experiencing new content and creating something new.

If you are interested in joining, apply in-game to Stribog Proving [SKS3P] and authenticate on our Discord Server.

Hope to fly with you soon in The Domain of Bujan

Bump, still looking for a good fit.

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