7.8M There are 1.2M Unused

feng leng’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Positive Wallet balance. 100M

Positive wallet
Positive sec status
No kill rights

Character location Bourynes

Seems you Skillboard is set to private. Fix this and please confirm also that you will pay the Charactertransfer fee to CCP …

Repaired,payment confirmed

3b bo

3.1b B/O

3.5b bo

4.0b B/O

4.1b offer

DD top


Top Top!

4.5b offer

5 b BO

I accept your offer, please pay isk and send the account number

Ok 2 min

Hi 6 B send To feng leng uith Daisuke Aoki .

Plz confirm the Isk transfer


Ups sorry i send you 6 B plz deal its 5 Bo plz send 1 b back .

OK, I’m at work new, and I’ll operate it after work

Ok thx Bro i send you emeil from transfer account .

Bro can you start the transfer plz ???And 1 B Back .