70M & 80M Toons Looking for Indy Corp in Null

Hey Guys,

I have 4 active accounts with a bunch of miners, indy, JF, links and some good combat pilots (sub cap and capital).

Made a post awhile back but got cold feet. I have a very demanding RL and afk at times and the thought of losing a ton due to that has kept me from going out to Null.

A friend pointed out that some indy groups will just have you fly out and help you get established out there without hauling a ton in. This idea is appealing to me as I only risk what I invest out there.

I’m in my mid 30s, looking for a mature group, prefer indy/pve but am happy to assist with pvp as long as that’s not what i spend the majority of my time online doing. I have a few friends a family that might join that are in their 30s-50s and with toons ranging from 30M-100M+.

I’ll also add that I have a few friends and family RL that if this was a good move, would probably join in. They are mostly focused on industry and would love to help a group that way.

What we are looking for:

  • -Opportunity to support corporation/alliance via Industry (all aspects)
  • -Ratting
  • -Secure Area (neuts are not common and dealt with quickly)
  • -Capital Play
  • -Citadel(s)
  • -40+ Active Humans
  • -Mature Group
  • -RL > Video Game Culture
  • -PvP Opportunity (by choice, not looking to move to a place that constantly has roams/neuts running free)
  • -Stability - Corporation that’s been around for awhile and maintained activity
  • -Strong leadership

What we are not looking for:

  • -Corp trying to carve out a place
  • -War/Major Conflict (we don’t mind assisting with home defense occasionally but not looking for a place where that consumes the majority of our play time)
  • -Inability to undock due to lack of control over area
  • -No infrastructure
  • -Young “start-up” corp
  • -Drama

What we are not interested in is moving out to some place that’s not established, at war etc. Looking for a little stability so we can focus on enjoying the game the way we do and supporting the corporation. We have tried this once before and the group we joined couldn’t protect themselves and it was not a positive experience, frankly we couldn’t undock often to do much. Looking for a group that has a firm hold and ideally not in a high conflict zone in null, (not low sec).

If you believe we are a good fit based on what i shared, please take the time to share why. We would like to get involved in a community, preferably with at least 40 active humans.

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