70m+ SP Returning Industrial Player Looking For WH Home

o7 all
I’m a returning player looking for a home in a WH after a 2 year break. 70m+ SP Industrial toon. Stats are below, if you’re interested, PM or convo ingame “Ian Tomalak”. Thanks

What I Have:

  • USTZ player available most nights from 1800-0000 EST and available weekends. (English-Speaking)
  • Industrial-focus, heavy manufacturing base. Can build anything in the game except for Titans and Citadels (that will be changing soon as Citadel construction training is about to start).
  • Can fly a boosted Rorqual and provide level 5 mining boosts, as well as non-specialized Info/Shield/Armor/Skirmish boosts.
  • Nearly maxed PI skills, able to set up Tier 5 planetary infrastructure for T2/T3 components.
  • Some WH experience, and basic WH knowledge.
  • Training now for Stealth Bombers > Recon Ships > Black Ops for small fleets / gangs.
  • Experience in a major nullsec alliance and able to work with other players as part of a team.
  • TS3 / Discord available, if you tell me you use Mumble/Pidgin as the primary method of communication I will ignore you.
  • Some PvP experience, enough to get me in trouble, not enough to get me out of trouble. But I know how to keep my mouth shut and do what I’m told in fleet.

What I Want:

  • Preferable C2/C3 WH with highsec static.
  • English-speaking, preferably in US/EU/AU.
  • A corp that will teach me the finer points of living and operating in a WH.
  • Someone who will explain to me HOW IN THE F**K TO USE TRIPWIRE!
  • A more mature corp that understands that RL comes first. I’m not looking to join a overly dramatic corp.
  • A corp that has experience doing blops.

Thanks in advance guys,
Ian Tomalak

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Hey there mate. Saaw you were looking for a Corp to play with. We are a null-sec corp that has manufacturing and industry going on. We run rorquals frequently (especially when the moons pop), and we do a PI chain for Self Harmonizing Power core.Some of us are BLOPS capabale, with the rest of us training into it, and we do like to PVP from time to time. The rest ill let you read for yourself.

Thanks, but I’m looking for a WH atm.

Still Looking

Still Looking

Hello @Ian_Tomalak,

If you get a chance check out one of our fine corps who are looking for good players just like you…

or take a look at our Alliance as it has other Corps who might benefit from your experiences.

Hope to see ya in space,

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