Parthenon Inc. WH Corp looking for new blood

Newbro to Old Vet Friendly.
We are looking for like minded Corps and Players to come join us in WH space!, reach out to a recruiter for more info! (Jutlah Onok, TheJeepMan, Hoss Fever)

Here comes the meat and potatoes!
[Full API disclosure req.]
PARTH is more than willing to help with the API process

Here is more of what we are and what we do.

-Top Tier (All Sizes & Shapes) WH Entity
-Alpha/Omega 0 SP Friendly. We can help build you from the ground up or just fine tune already existing pew pew skills.
-PVP and PVE Content to pay for the fun in a variety of ways. We got the roams, the ganks, the sleepers, and all other forms of trouble to get into!
-Alliance is active across all timezones. Our Leadership is very ACTIVE all across the board.
-Most basic Skillbooks are free to members.
-ISK Efficiency is the only KB Monitored Activity (Basically being taught to be EVE smart!) We don’t bust your bits too hard unless you put us on blast on Loot Fairy :stuck_out_tongue:
-PVP Skills are guaranteed to improve, no matter what level you are already at. EVE is a learning experience and we all start somewhere
-Aggressively Recruiting open minded pilots with any ship. Come pew in the deepspace hidey holes!

Feel free to drop into our discord or in game recruitment channel and ping us up! - Alliance Discord.

In Game Recruitment Channel: The Parth PUB

What more is there to think about! We want you in our hole! :wink:

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Recruitment Still Open

Hello Jeep, keep the faith and power ‘drift’ through the corners my friend.

Good to see you on the forums and see you soon in space…


Hey Glaser! You know I am the drift king! LOL Glad I made it on here. Yes I will see you in space!

P.S. Recruitment still open

Recruiting still open! Come say hi!

People of EVE, please take notice as this young corporation is a solid testament to what is ‘Good’ about EVE and how to better it’s content!

Keep up the great work, Jeep.


Recruitment still open! Stop by and say hi!

Active and friendly! Come say hi! Recruitment still open.

I just love working with this Corporation, you will too! Please, give Parth’ a closer look. Worth every second of every day with them…

See ya in space my brothers,

This corp and core group of players are an asset to WH space, come be a part of something more.

Recruitment is OPEN!

Thanks Glaser! We are very happy to still be a part of this growing Alliance. As he said. Recruitment is again OPEN!

It is a great day for Wormhole hunting! Recruitment still open!

Great things happening in WH Space! Recruitment still open!

Recruitment still active. Lots of stuff brewing and great things on the horizon!

I know it seems like another silly bump post but I promise it’s not. Great things really are happening in our alliance and WH space. Come check us out and have a chat and let’s see about making the WH space your new home. It comes complete with PVP, PVE, Mining/Industry and free hats. Yes you read that right! Free Hats! (All requests for hats will be forwarded to our alliance exec @Mr_Glaser :wink:) Hope to see you in space!!

New Stuff New Day! Come check us out and be apart of WH Space! Don’t let the scary holes turn you away. There is mountains of fun to be had! RECRUITMENT OPEN!

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