Parthenon WANTS YOU!

Whelp… I’m honestly incredibly nervous about recruiting here, never done this in eve before. Hope this goes well… INC WALL O’ TEXT!

Discord Public:

In Game Public: The Parth PUB


Us: Parthenon Inc. Member of the Wormhole Society Alliance. Live in a C4 with static C4/C3. Yes, we’re wormholers. No, we don’t want your wormhole, we have our own. It’s very nice here. I think. I hope? I BELIEVE! Yeah, that’ll work. Belief. XD

WALL O’ TEXT ALERT: Prepare your eyeballs, sorry in advance.

So, Um. Why would you choose Parth? (Other than the fact that the recruiter obviously is completely incompetent and you could have his job in a heartbeat. Seriously. Please take this job. I’LL GIVE YOU FREE CANDY) Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, Parth! Well, it’s like this. There’s a ton of pretty nice wormhole groups out there. And most of them have more folks than we do, and there’s definitely safety in numbers in this game. A lot of them have a guaranteed SRP program, or a large industry base. Some of them even do crazy things like dropping supers on the nullbears, evicting mid to large sized entities and even “gasp” MEMEING ON REDDIT! (Is that how you spell that? Memeing?) So why would you want to join a small, slowly growing corp without a ton of green on their killboard, a massive industrial presence and/or the ability to strike fear into the hearts of other spacegoing nerds just by the mention of your name? Well, lemme tell you! Um. thinks hard for a second

Probably the biggest reason I log in every day is that I really enjoy flying with the people I fly with. I know it sounds a bit trite, but… I never have to look at discord and think “Oh, that guys’ there? Ugh, I’m not getting in comms now”. I never worry about whether or not I’m gonna have enjoyed my time at the end of my latest escapades. I know for a fact that I will have. The other reason is, well… Not to sound like a carebear/pansy or whatever you wanna call it, but as a group we pretty firmly believe that acting with some integrity, even in the virtual world, is the right thing to do. Both for ourselves as individuals, for the group, and for the game as a whole. Does that mean we don’t gank miners, play nice if people say pretty please, turn the other cheek when someone slaps us in the face? Absolutely not. This is eve, after all >:) What it does mean is you’re never going to have to worry about one of us stabbing you in the back, scamming you, conning you, blowing you up just for the luls. You and us have differences? That’s cool. You go your way, we go ours. And if we come to an agreement, we’re going to hold up our end of the bargain. Integrity does have a place here in eve. Or at least we think so.

And maybe, just maybe… You want something a little new, a little more challenging, a little different then a giant nullsec bloc? Or you’ve mostly played in highsec and really want to dip your toes into more dangerous space? Maybe you’re currently part of one of the bigger WH entities and just want something a little smaller, more close–knit? Any of these reasons, or your own, are perfect for coming here. As long as you’re cool, I’d love to fly with you :slight_smile:

So what exactly am I recruiting for? Well! I just really want to sacrifice more pilots to Bob >:) Seriously, I’m recruiting for more small/midgang pvp oriented pilots that can come roaming with us, get in fights, have a good time, learn something new together then go back home, beat up some sleepers, make some isk, and rinse repeat the next day. Our end goal for the moment is to specialize in blops out of our static C3 and go terrorize the denizens of Kspace everywhere that we can :smiley: But who says we have to stop there?! We could build a mountain out of their corpses and buy a drifter empire! We could raise a golden statue of Bob that slowly melts from the star rays refracting through the facets of thousands of tears caused by salty blops whelps! WE COULD CONVINCE CCP TO OFFER ALLIANCE WIDE BOOKMARKS!!! erm. Well maybe one day

Right, so if you went and skipped that horrendously long wall of text and want the TL:DR, here it is:

  • PVP: As much as we can, as often as we can. Currently, that means next to nothing because tax season plus life plus new hole/new doctrines= We’re still finding our feet. The primary thing I’m recruiting for. WTB moar peeveepee-ers

  • PVE: Static C3 sites for the krabbing, if we can. Not the biggest priority, so having your own sources of income is going to help, we won’t be able to do it all for you. We do have semi-regular fleets though.

  • Industry: There’s a couple guys here super hardcore into it, so that’s available. Currently have a couple structures rigged for specific stuff, I dunno, you’ll have to talk to them. We’re still building up, so if that’s an interest then cool, we got you.

  • PI: Not the best, 7 planets, Barren, Gas, Lava, Temperate. I don’t PI, Don’t know what else to say here. I hear you can make fuel blocks with what’s here, which the PI guys seem pretty happy with :smiley:


Discord! Have to have Discord, working mic, and be relatively socially comfortable. Caveat to this is courtesy and kindness to corpies/alliance mates, always. This is non-negotiable. I or leadership discovers you being an asshole you’re gone, no questions asked. Also, and I do mean this seriously. If you’re incredibly annoying/gross/weird in a way that makes people uncomfortable, you will not be asked to stop, we will just get rid of you. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but we all come here to have fun. Not interested in a whole process of countermessages, none of the “well he said this but what I meant was this” nope. Don’t be a dick, it’s not hard.

Able to fly Covert Ops, and willing to train into 2 doctrine ships. One doctrine ship has to be a Cerberus, the other has to be either a Dictor/Logi/Boosh (Interdictor Destroyer/Logistics Cruiser or Frigate/Command Destroyer). If you’ve already got those trained then that’s just peachy-keen :slight_smile: Once you can fly these, they do actually need to be in the hole and ready to use.

Some knowledge of scanning/Dscan. Don’t have to be an expert, but you gotta have the basics. We can show you how to get better at it if you need :slight_smile:

Um. I think that’s about it. Sorry for all the words. If anyone actually makes it through all this ■■■■, well… You’re really impressive, and I want you in my corp. We are new player friendly, so don’t let me scare you. As long as you’re willing, the rest should come :slight_smile: Also, yes. We are small, we are pushing to grow. If you come into the fold here I’m going to ask for a tiny bit of patience as we get spooled up. I try my best to find content for our pilots, but that’s on y’all as much as me. We all work together here to have a good time. Anyways, thanks for reading, fly safe. o7

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