Returning player looking for an indy corp or indy based position

Hi all,

I am a returning player (Omega account) after roughly a 6 month hiatus and gearing up for a new return to new eden 2024.

Im not a vet by any means ( just over 15mil SP) But my main is mainly specced in industry, production and salvaging.

Currently in my own little corps (me and an alt only) specializing in producing and research ammunition and turrets of all types (predominantly T1 of everything but working toward inventions to get T2 version bps)

I am more of a support/Industrial/Builder focused player, however i understand PVP is a way of life and sometimes required.

I dont have too much to offer in terms of long term experience but i hope i have a few things on my resume i hope can benefit a corp.

  • specced into industry enough to build most things other than advanced ships (currently skilling) but i love making ammo and turrets specifically

*more than happy to donate any or all of my production to Corp/Alliance fleets or PVP roams ( As this was my main position in my previous Corp)

  • Have a decent BP library of my own where i have most ammo S , M and large fully researched or currently being researched as well as a few BPOS /BPC of ships that are partially researched OR fully. I have my research queues going all the time so i normally try and have this going at all times. More than happy to provide copies.

  • I understand PI as i ran a 4 planet one before my break so can set up again after i run a refresher for myself . But i have 80% or so of skills for PI maxed or almost maxed.

  • i love helping on a grand scheme whether its from cleaning up battlefields or providing ammo turrets fits or ships for roams. Pride myself on my teamplay

Im from the AU sadly so may not fit everywhere due to timezones or commitments but i try my best to meet requirements and am okay with all Timezones but understand why i am not suitable for some. im currently not as active as some corps may want as im easing back into things but once i get there ill be on frequently. will always let you know if ill be gone for some time.

Fly safe all o7

Hey tiredpineapple,

We’re primarily USTZ so not sure how well that fits in for you. Other TZs are welcome but unless there is some overlap you may be flying solo sometimes unless we get other AU players. We’re a new wormhole corp living in a C4.

Don’t know how much experience you have with wormholes but jspace newbies are welcome. As are both pvp hunters and industry folks alike. We have a couple indy/miners/PI types in here starting their operations up.

You don’t need to be tremendously bloodthirsty when it comes to pvp but at the end of the day in wormholes there are some scenarios where you need to undock and defend your home if you want to keep living there. Now that could easily be flying something like logi if that is more to your taste but I want to be transparent about the fact that non consensual pvp can and does happen.

Check out our posting and feel free to reach out if you are interested/have any questions.

Fly safe o7


We are a casual but very active corp based near Hek in Min space. You would be welcome in our corp and can play the game as you like. We have members on pretty much at all times and you would be allowed to keep your Alt in their own solo corp. Our info is here if you want to check us out a bit more - 👾 High Sec Mining Corporation - Seeking Miners and Industry Pilots - Spice Mining Defenders Corporation - #31 by Zefo

hello we are a corp located in catch and querious, our ceo lives in aus. join our discord and chat to see if we are a fit for you REPZ

Hi TiredPineapple,

Guns-R-Us Toy Company is the founding Corp for Weapons of Mass Production. We have a standing fleet and regularly go on PvP roams. We are mainly EU/USTZ but do have a presence in AUTZ.


We are an alliance that holds territory in Detorid with many quiet ratting systems. In addition there are many alliance moons and a full industry park. WOMP has bonused infrastructure to build everything including capitals. We are newbro friendly but do require a minimum of 30 days in game. We ask that our members have a mic and join in the defense of our systems. In Guns-R-Us real life always comes first so there is no mandatory fleet activity, but pvp is actively encouraged.

  • R64 moon mining

  • Ice Belts

  • A0 Anomalies - Isogen mining!

  • Alliance Industrial Park bonused for everything including capitals

  • Plenty of ratting space

  • PvP fleets with 100% SRP for Corp/Alliance fleets

  • Help in developing your isk making abilities

  • JF Service

  • Multiple competing buyback service

If you want to know more Join us on Discord


GWG is primarily a Null Sec Indy corp. Altho we are primarily USTZ, the alliance we are in has a corp that is AU TZ.

The alliance has moon, belt and ice mining as well as PI available. We also have the infrastructure to support industry.

Would love to talk. Send an evemail to me with when you are available, and I will get you a link to our recruitment discord.

Ivanova Antoinette

We are a Nullsec industrial corp based in Querious/Catch under the Dracarys Alliance.


  • Daily R64 Moons
  • Plenty of Anomalies for Ratting/Exploration
  • Daily fleets during CNTZ/EUTZ/USTZ
  • Jump Freight Service direct from Jita.


  • 10mil SP minimum + Good History
  • Participate in 3 Fleets a month (Roams, OPs, CTAs)
  • Discord + Microphone

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