74M Thanatos/Nyx Pilot with almost perfect Drones Skills

(Thulund) #1

Password: 12345

74.2 SP

Can instant sit in a Nyx or Thanatos with perfect Fighter support
Currently +4 Imps and Highwall Mining
Good Spaceship Command/Engineering skills/Production skills
No killrights
Remap Available
Character located in High-sec(Heimatar Region)

Happy offering.

B/O 80B



(Maizie Fields) #2

62 billion

(Absolute Truth) #3

63b offered

(Carrie Mehome) #4

64b ready

(Absolute Truth) #5

64.5b offered

(Carrie Mehome) #6

65b ready

(Thulund) #8

Ok, I now open this again.

Your offer is still valid Carrie Mehome?

(Jade Muutaras) #9

66b Bid.

(Thulund) #10

Ok. Let’s do this deal.

please send ISK and Account Name where to tranfer to.

(Jade Muutaras) #11

Isk and account name sent. Please confirm transfer once started, thank you.

(Thulund) #12

ISK received. Transfer started

(system) #13

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