74M Thanatos/Nyx Pilot with almost perfect Drones Skills

Password: 12345

74.2 SP

Can instant sit in a Nyx or Thanatos with perfect Fighter support
Currently +4 Imps and Highwall Mining
Good Spaceship Command/Engineering skills/Production skills
No killrights
Remap Available
Character located in High-sec(Heimatar Region)

Happy offering.

B/O 80B



62 billion

63b offered

64b ready

64.5b offered

65b ready

Ok, I now open this again.

Your offer is still valid Carrie Mehome?

66b Bid.

Ok. Let’s do this deal.

please send ISK and Account Name where to tranfer to.

Isk and account name sent. Please confirm transfer once started, thank you.

ISK received. Transfer started

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