[WTS] Nyx / Thanatos / Nomad 31m SP pilot


Looking to sell myself - skilled Nyx / Thanatos / Nomad pilot.
Key points:

  • T2 fighters
  • Gallente Carrier 4
  • JDC5
  • very good core / engineering skills
  • can fly Nomad / Fenrir
  • 2 days away from Rorqual
  • 2 millions unallocated SP!!!

2 remaps available, positive security status, no kill rights.
Pilot comes with full set of +5 implants (+4 for Charisma).

Start bid - 25b
B/O - 35b


No, it’s not ok.

20b .

Please don’t bother with lowball offers, I can get 22b just by extracting skills…

25B offer

Slowly getting there - please check your evemail.

How about 28B, I think it’s nice price for you

Add 2 bil and we have a deal.

29B isk offer

Throw in one more bil and we have a deal

30B isk

Accepted - send isk and account info please

please check email, isk and acc have been sent

Thanks - apologies for the delay, I had to stay longer at work, will handle everything in a moment.

Support Request #961211 has been raised to CCP for character transfer - the character should be transferred tomorrow, I will update this thread when CCP confirms transfer.

The character has been transferred by GM around 8am Eve time.