WTA Gallente Carrier, Supercarrier, FAX Char 20m SP


Can fly Thanatos, Nyx, Ninazu
Can use all T1 Fighters / Heavy / Supportfighters
Can use T1 Triage Module + T1 Armor/Cap transfer mods
Can fly covops + cloak + cyno for hotdrops or scouting
Strong core skills
Remap available: Now

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
No jump clones
Character will be in Amarr at the time of transfer

Starting bid: 30b
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: 35b

I offer 21 bil.

starting bid is 30b

it’s not worth 30

It’s worth what ppl are willing to pay, and this will definitely sell for more than 21b.

That is well over the typical billion per million ratio. I’m not trying to jack your post or anything though. This character is almost what i’m looking for and wouldn’t take a lot to get to where i need it. If you change your mind I can offer you 25B max on her. Offer stands until I find a carrier pilot. Good luck either way!

Without T2 fighters you will never get a 30b offer


way over priced



Lol I guess people aren’t willing to pay what your asking.

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no t2 fighters? this thing is very hardly mastered





27.5 bil