WTA 15m SP Thanatos / Nyx pilot


Can fly Thanatos, Nyx
Can use all T1 Fighters / Supportfighters
Can fly covops + cloak + cyno for hotdrops or scouting
strong core skills
Remap available: Now

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
No jump clones
Character will be in Amarr at the time of transfer

Starting bid: 20b
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: 25b.

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your starting bid is too high, i want to buy it if the starting bid is 15bil.
i will give the price of 15bil.

so you insist your price?

16B if its still for sale

and if you give a lower price i can give 16.5

The price is set as it is for a reason, I’ve sold chars like this before and they went for more than 20b. It’s not that my starting bid is too high, it’s that you’re not willing or able to pay this price.

Think u want get more than 16,5 bil, thats a offer from one who want it. but hope the best for you and your auction. consider that as a free friendly bump :slight_smile:

i hope you can give a lower price , you are joking because 20b is able to make a new char when the injoctor is about 0.7 become a carrier pilot the same like this and that means it is able to become a fax pilot or roq pilot. if your pilot is fouce on fax i would like to pay about 20b, but your pilot is a carrier pilot and even not focus, so you know.

You’d need 30 Injectors to get 15m SP, do the math…

20b starting bid

yeah, but your is not focus isn’t it ? if you are focus on carrier the pilot at least have carrier V or fightersV…20b is able to make a pilot focus on carrier even better bro. More or less i will not give that price, though some others would like.

this char is carrierfocused except for the covops+cloak skill which, for an alt, is always usefull. I’m not forcing you to buy it, feel free to buy injectors and make your own.
Highest bid atm is 20 billion by Elodie Rutherford

i just want a char with fax and carrier so that i can jump when some small ship is caught but i dont want my fax-focus pilot learn carrier…so you know if the price is higher than make another fax chat by injector i really dont want to buy…it is my fault that i dont know that the carrier pilot is in such a high price and have a nice day


so you have sold?

The char is still available and continuing to train carrierfocused skills

15B offer if u still want to sell.

just stop it with the lowballing… i wont sell below 20b, i’ll just keep skilling it up

14b offer

No Jump Drive Calibration 5.
No fighters 5 (level 3)
Fighter hangar management level 4.
All fighters skills at level 3.
Mediocre shield and armour skills.

I think it’s better you keep skilling this character up or else hope for someone very silly to pay 25b when they can pay 25b for a real carrier pilot.

For reference you have people paying 30 billion isk for a completely functional 30 million SP Apostle pilot. 31mil sp apostle pilot. 25 billion for a character that can’t do anything is high balling, let alone 20 billion.


14b wouldn’t even be breaking even with cost for account and skills. so for the xth time: no to offers below 20b