WTA 15m Gallente Carrieralt / Nyxsitter

(Sarah Starburst) #1


Can fly Thanatos, Ninazu, Nyx
Can use all T1 Fighters / Supportfighters
Can fly covops + cloak + cyno for hotdrops or scouting
strong core skills
Remap available: Now

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
No jump clones
Character will be in Amarr at the time of transfer

Starting bid: 20b
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: 25b.

(MuziYu) #2

I can only bid 15b isk, because the price of 1b/mil sp is already acceptable.
Another reason is that I am not rich.:grin:

(The DramaQueen) #3

20 billion

(sellNbuy) #4


(Frantik Carbon) #5

Can’t use all fighters, only T1. Far from optimal. 12B bid.

(Sarah Starburst) #6

https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Frantik_Carbon that’s not how an auction works. If you’re not interested, don’t bid, otherwise keep out of it.
A char like this was sold for 23b some days ago, so you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.
-> bump

(Cor'El Dahken) #7

12.1b offer


15b offer

(Sarah Starburst) #9

starting bid is 20b, highest bid atm is 21b, please stop lowballing.

(Sarah Starburst) #10


(The DramaQueen) #11

22 bill B/O

(Milkyway or Mars) #12


WTB Carrier Pilot
(Sarah Starburst) #13


(system) #14

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