WTA 14.1m SP Carrier Alt / Super Sitter


Can fly Thanatos, Ninazu, Nyx
Can use all Fighters / Supportfighters
Can fly covops + cloak + cyno for hotdrops or scouting
strong core skills
380k unallocated SP

Starting bid: 20b
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: 25b.

9 billion to start you off, for 20b I would inject my own :smile:

B/O 12b

the injectors alone would cost more than 20b and then you’d still need to buy the skillbooks…
starting bid is 20b, lower bids are welcome as bumps though

No one is gonna pay 20b for a 14.1m SP toon even if thats the price it would cost to inject a character to that scale.
12-15b would be quite resonable offers. Though if you are looking for a really long sale its ofc cool.
This is ofc not a stab at you just opinion.

thanks for your input, this is not my first character sale.
this is a char that caters to certain needs and therefore will sell sooner or later at an acceptable price. until then i’ll keep skilling it up.

15B available for one day

16 bill

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