WTA 14.1m SP Carrier Alt / Super Sitter

(Farah Anedin) #1


Can fly Thanatos, Ninazu, Nyx
Can use all Fighters / Supportfighters
Can fly covops + cloak + cyno for hotdrops or scouting
strong core skills
380k unallocated SP

Starting bid: 20b
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: 25b.

(Intriguing Stranger) #2

9 billion to start you off, for 20b I would inject my own :smile:

(Has Shi) #3

B/O 12b

(Farah Anedin) #4

the injectors alone would cost more than 20b and then you’d still need to buy the skillbooks…
starting bid is 20b, lower bids are welcome as bumps though

(Nandea) #5

No one is gonna pay 20b for a 14.1m SP toon even if thats the price it would cost to inject a character to that scale.
12-15b would be quite resonable offers. Though if you are looking for a really long sale its ofc cool.
This is ofc not a stab at you just opinion.

(Farah Anedin) #6

thanks for your input, this is not my first character sale.
this is a char that caters to certain needs and therefore will sell sooner or later at an acceptable price. until then i’ll keep skilling it up.

(123 Mutouren) #7

15B available for one day

(Little Hoe) #8

16 bill

(system) #9

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