WTA Thanatos / Nyx Char 16m SP


Can fly Thanatos, Nyx
Can use all T1 Fighters / Heavy / Supportfighters
Can fly covops + cloak + cyno for hotdrops or scouting
strong core skills
Remap available: Now

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
No jump clones
Character will be in Amarr at the time of transfer

Starting bid: 20b
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: 25b

On this one I will do 20B. Good starter for what I want.

Are you doing this transfer with cash or plex?

with cash

Looking further the character is a bit less skilled than what i’m looking for. Free bumps though. Thanks for the reply.

trying to reach you in game


are you online?



19 bil


20b bid

25b is too expensive, 21b aleady,

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