77 mil SP Caldari/Galante JF/Carrier/SuperCarrier/Missileboat/Scanning/Industrial/Science pilot


Character in The Scope
No kill rights
No bounties
Located in Jita 4-4

211 skills trained, for a total of 77,832,648 skillpoints.

Oldschool alt from 2005. Impressive number of level V skills already trained. As the title says, this was a support/super holder alt no longer being used. Great canvas and potential to start an awesome pilot from!

Reserve: 73bil…
Buyout: 80bil…

Cheers and beers!

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Available to talk in game? Buyout 50bil valid for 2 1/2 hours

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way below the reasonable mark… though thanks for the bump :smiley:

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Hence why I asked to talk in game :slight_smile:

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pm’d you ingame

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Rookuza Ambraelle never responded… still available… cheeky bump <3

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Recieved no mail. Online now?


64 bil.


66 bil


Could you please update me on the progress of this auction/sale? I have other bid offers out to other sellers, might have to retract if this doesn’t continue timely.

Looking to sell at closer to 80bil or will accept a buyout at 80bil within the next 24hours… if you have other options retract away… im online now here and will be probably for the next 12 hours or so… dont bother mailing or contacting tropic24 ingame… just post here… cheers!

Rgr, will retract offer, thanks.

Character still available


i’ll give you 67 billion offer… take it or enjoy waiting…

68bil, mail rookuza ambraelle if u accept, also reply here.

Destiny Jaded mailed you in game