8.2M SP Gila/T2 Industry-research/explorer Toon on sale

1-No Kill rights
2-0 isk on transfer
3-SkillQ.net - KikimoraIV
4-in Jita, it is in NPC corp. (I dont know why skillq shows old corp)
5-No implant/booter etc.
6-New chracter clean history

Chracter can prouce and invent t2 ammo (missiles) with good skills.
Have 5 drones skills can fly Gila efficent and use medium drones.
Good Shield skills also
Have some exploration skills can fly SOE ships

8B buyout. Auctions starts from 4B

There was other topic for that toon however I could not flag the post after I corrected. There is no 3 dots or flag option.

4B offer

Can you share your attribute points please?

6b offer

perception and memory 24/24 others 17. No remap available

Sold to Funny lol progress the payment please.

ISK and information sent

Chracter transfered. Thanks.