80 Mil sp Sub pilot

positive wallet
no kill rights
character is located in high sec
Character is in a NPC corp

Buyout 55 bil

Just a fyi until further notice

Character transfers are temporarily suspended while upgrades to the service are being conducted.

Also if you are not in an npc corp, you need to be in one

fixed it

54b/o offer. :slight_smile:

bump. still for sale

accepted if you still want it

sending you the isk when im at home in 5h top

sounds good waiting isk

isk sent tru mail alt Thorian with account details in mail.
I have 1 char on my account that needs to be biomassed first, so the 10h timer has started now.

Have a free slot now. You can start the transfer

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Will be completed after 10/31/2022 10:48:44 PM confirmed enjoy

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