Private sale

to Juane Maricadie

agreed on 60B

all CCP rules are followed
In npc corp but the link is not updated yet

awaiting isk and account name

Confirm Iā€™m for sale

isk and account was sent in game via emai
l thanks . awaiting for char transfer !

Can you give me your Account name and not in-game name, please? So I can start the transfer :slight_smile:

account name send ingame via email thanks

hi there did you start the transfer?

yes I started now

thanks apreciate.

wil i be able to use my account while you are busy transfering to me?

Maybe remove posts with your accountname mentioned for safety reasons.

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the account yes
your new toon Tevo, you need to wait 10h


Char received thanks, have a splendid day!

thread can be closed

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