Highly sought after Indy Alt, This Alt is highly skilled in Reprocessing, P.I., Mining, Hauling, BPO training, and many other Indy skills!

Positive sec status
located in npc station in hs
no killrights
in NPC station
positive isk

50b offer

Not on this one bud no less than 80bil

Alright I see that ive over priced my character, with average of 60B im willing to do 55B?

I’ll do 55b

Agreed but it wont be until the morning as im at work at the moment.

We can commence the transaction and I will transfer right after

If he can’t reply to you for the time being, if you are in a hurry, I can offer 55b, and I can wait for an hour

Lol well I guess you are the new owner :slight_smile:

I do have to go to bed as I just got off work

If you are ready lets do it


Also she just made Omega for 30 days as well

That doesnt matter. The account is omega not the character, so you could transfer to an alpha account.

Oh cool I can make a new character with omega nice!

Correct, Omega will not follow the role transfer, I will start in 10 minutes

Thats fine

Isk received about to transfer

Isk send to the transfer char. Details for account sent ingame via mail.

Done Thanks!