800K Pilot 3B starting (PRIVATE SALE)

(Shui Zhao) #1

Hello All,

Selling a wonderful head-start character Leah Mai, 800K skillpoints, in hi-sec, no kill rights, and beautiful… 3Billion … or BO. (PRIVATE SALE).

Shui Zhao

(Tiddle Jr) #2

Care to read the rules or at least to check the others threads how to correctly handle deals?

(Shui Zhao) #3

I appreciate your suggestion. But I’m fine, thank you.

(Tiddle Jr) #4

Was trying to help but if you don’t care will see how it goes.

(Shui Zhao) #5


Just FYI, it’s actually a private sale… already sold … only here to make it official and clean…

I appreciate the attempt to “help.” But tbh, if that was indeed your intent, then you need to work on how you “help.” A bit less snarky would be a good start Hint: it’s never a good idea to start helping out with “Care to…” Maybe something more along the lines of: “Hey mate, just FYI, your post doesn’t really match up with guidelines. Might want to check 'em out.” See the difference?

And that is MY attemt to help.

fly safe

(Tiddle Jr) #6

Please work on your interpretation skills otherwise everything goes sharky for you.

Fly safe Mate.

(Ria Aquirez) #7

Confirmed. I’ll be purchasing the Character for 3B

I am able to transfer ISK and Account Details as soon as I am back Home from Work. I’ll post again once its done.

Thank you very much!

(Ria Aquirez) #8

ISK and Account Details sent. :slight_smile:

(Ria Aquirez) #9

Transfer Notification received. Thank you!

(system) #10

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