SOLD - Adorable starter 4sale 800K SP 3Bill

(Shui Zhao) #1

This beautiful, innocent, young gal is for sale — 808,000 skillpoints with some nice starter skills up to L4 (incl. mining).

Skilled up enough to fly right, but not too skilled up to where you MUST go in a certain direction. Also includes a freshly injected CYBERNETICS skillbook… she’s all ready to go!!!

Shai Lee is a GREAT head-start character to continue taking on toward a great character

3 billion or best offer.
(yes, shes worth it, you’ll be pleased, especially on cold nights after a long day of combat.

BONUS: Shai Lee has THREE (3) bonus remaps available — yes, I said three (3)

PW: hhc123

  • wallet (9 ISK)
    NO kill rights
    Positive status
    Hi Sec location
    no clones

Shui Zhao

(Karl Poljus) #2

Fresh character created with buddy invite already has 750k skillpoints for free, and then if you finish the tutorial you get another 25k in a form of an injector. Why do you think your character worth anything at all?

(Shui Zhao) #3


Cuz not everyone has a buddy to invite… I’m surprised you have one at all. If you don’t want to make a bid, then don’t make a bid. There’s something to be said for just minding your own business and “live and let let.” Obviously, sentiments you were never taught as a child… unfortunately. Now, go take your meds.

(Space Homey) #4

Respectfully mate he’s doing you a favor. No one will pay 5b for an 800k character. Love your moxie but it’s not realistic.

(Shui Zhao) #5

Hey Space,

Just fyi, Liu Ying (see thread), on this forum, was just sold for 5billion… AND I just sold Kiki Lee, another 800K char, yesterday, for 3 billion. Such chars flex between 3-5bill for those who want them for whatever reasons. And I think it’s even more of HOW he spoke, rather than WHAT he spoke.

(Karl Poljus) #6

This is not exactly true, Liu Ying has not been sold to anyone and the last post in related topic says:

But you are indeed correct about the other character. So, if someone buys such toons then i wish you best of luck, and sorry if i managed to offend you somehow.

(Shui Zhao) #7

No worries… my mom always said, “never hurts to try, all they can say is no” and “If you don’t try, you’ll fail for sure. But if you at least try, you might succeed.” :slight_smile:

fly safe…

(Ria Aquirez) #8

I’d love to take her as well! :slight_smile:

(Shui Zhao) #9

Done… She is Kiki’s sister… well, half-sister… Long story… ACCEPTED… ready to initiate transfer when ISK arrives. TY

(Ria Aquirez) #10

ISK and Account Details sent to Shai Lee. Thank you!

(Ria Aquirez) #11

Transfer Notification received. She will have a good Home, promised! :slight_smile:

(system) #12

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