sale goes live in 8 days…anyone interested?

40bil buyout offer

You might be able to get 45 ish. Doing a quick estimate extraction value is around 40 plus you could sell the extracted character as an sp farm for around 2.5b.

interesting but if i were to sell him id like to sell him as an industry guy. i mean whoever bought him could do whatever they wanted to do with him. but IF i sell. he is going as is. not really into yanking all the SP out of him per say.

Ultimately its what someone is willing to pay. With skill injectors out it gives us a good idea of value, but it can vary quite a bit. You have a very nice toon. If I didn’t already have an indy pilot I would be interested in him.

if you extract the pilot to be focused on what i need i can buy it at good price mail me if interested and i send you a list of the skills i need

thanks for the interest @Jimbo_Eto, and the information.

SERIOUS offers ONLY please. i dont feel like wasting my time.

le Bumpeth.

to bump or not to bump.

Mach bump

Bump. Last chance for bids. The number to beat is 40b.

@Gerald_Mardiska you can extract the skills with a profit of 44,985,500,998.99.

I’m seeing maybe 42 billion in extract profits, and that’ll take some work.

I’ll bid 42.5 billion for Eilos (he really should confirm that he’s for sale, btw…)

I’m eilos faringen and I approve of this message.

And…an offer has been accepted.

ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks!

…AAAAND hes gone…