SOLD to Ria - KikI Lee: Young Gal for Sale - 4B

This sweet, young gal is for sale - 808,000 skillpoints with some nice starter skills up to L5. Skilled enough to fly right, but not too skilled up to where you MUST go in a certain direction. Kiki is a GREAT head-start character to continue taking on toward a great character… 3-billion starting bid or a 4-billion buy-out. Check her out.


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I think you’re the first one that I know of to use the password feature I added last night. Good luck on your sale

Your char have a bvalue or 3b max, the standard for 5m points is between 2 a 3.3b, That points can be granted with a new account 250k bonus and an injector.

good luck with your sale.

I’d do 3B :slight_smile:

ty brock … nice site, easy to use… good job… recommended

Hey Ria… offer taken. TY. Let us proceeed… enjoy Kiki. She is a sweet gal.


Great. She will have a good Home, promised!

Could you be so kind and confirm the Sale with her here on the Thread, please? :slight_smile:


SALE CONFIRMED to RIA AQUIREZ… goodbye Kiki… xoxo

Transfer will be initiated after ISK transfer & removal of ISK from waller. Remember 10 hour cooldown for seciurity.

ISK and Account Details sent to Kiki Lee. Thanks!

Kiki Lee in mid-transfer now to requested account.
Fee paid.

As a note, I discovered the transfers only work when using Firefox. Doesn’t like Safari, just fyi. I had to switch from Safari to Firefox. You might want to let others know and keep that in mind.

So, all is well.
Kiki is packing her bags and headed to your place. Should be there in about 10 hours.

Fly Safe,

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Confirmed. Thank you very much, she will get a lovely Home :slight_smile:

Best Wishes

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