Positive wallet
No killrights
Located in HS
4.3m unallocated SP

All Cruisers V, Gallente and Minmatar BS V, HAC V, perfect medium autocannons
Decent drone and good support skills

Ascendancy implants for fast high sec travel (all implants used cost 1b+)


32 is ok, but I will wait some time for a bit higher offers.

32 is extraction value. save yourself $20 and do it yourself if you’re willing to sell that cheap.

32.5 Here and ready!

can you offer 33? @Roxanne_Black

33B ready right now

33b accepted, ready to transfer @Linoaa

Sending ISK and account info. Thx you

transfer is started

should have given me a chance to get back… Hey why did you skip me? I’m sleeping 6 hr ago

Should give some time to get back! that’s not fair…

All there going to do is extract anyway… So since you sold it so cheep , some nerd is jumping up and down now.

Yeah I should wait for you, sorry. I’ve checked some topics before and thought 33 is quite good offer.

I would have given you 33. and when i failed upping the bid they would have been paying you close to 44-45… to late now!

Thats why you "Bump!’ So the thread goes to the top, so others can see it. … I needed a character like this… :frowning:

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