81+ skillpoint Carrier / rorq pilot

No kill rights
positive wallet
located in Hi Sec
Starting bid of a minimum of 40 Billion



need more guys and girls. i can fly a rorq, thanny and more

Let’s talk in game msg me.


im not in the game much anymore

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45B offer

i am worth minimum of 50 b

i’m not intrested anymore its cheaper for me to inject into that i’m looking for this is a lot of wasted SP for me.

Character is not in a NPC corp. Please move the character and flag your post to have the thread unlocked

Thread is reopened

bumpity bump

Not particularly bothered by the Rorq capability (with the in-game state of mining atm) but for the Cap capability I’ll offer 40b


Still interested at 45B?

Higher guys and gals i can fly a thanny, rorq, not much training till a super. Even a dread and more