SOLD waiting for transfer

RORQ is optional looking to spend 8/9b just need foreman really

hell, give me a good porp toon.

Have a look at this one:

What price?

Make me an offer and they’ll move on right away

9 bil

If he passes on it I’d take it for that.

would you do 8?


i can do 9. was waiting for a few sales.

letting post close after this. bump.

Sorry, I was away. If you’re still okay with purchase please transfer 9bil isk to this character and I will initiate transfer within 24 hours.
Character is located in high sec
Has positive isk wallet and sec status and is in NPC corp

Just in case here the skillboard link again:


isk sent sir :slight_smile:

Transfer to IWILLMERKU please

ISK received, ready for transfer, but the provided account name does not exist (it says “Target user not found or not active.”). Please provide valid account name for transfer (probably better to send private message with account name here on forums for privacy concerns).

im not sure how to message privately. also meh. the account name is PastaElbow; and the character is OJPimpson (same toon)

Not sure why do you include character name as I am just transferring character to your account
Anyways, it seems that account PastaElbow already has 3 characters on it, so I cannot transfer my character to it.

try Tander Vleet if that does not work please PM me.

You guys should really do this over eve mail. Publicly posting usernames isnt the best account security

see i though the mean pm him on here. thank you,