WTS 5.1K starter alt used mainly for PI

located near JITA
positive wallet (0 ISK)
no kill rights
no jump clones

stilll looking for a new home

I retract my offer sry i found another character already.

I’ll take it. Send ISK and ingame mail with account info for transfer please.

still for sale

offer 3b, cuz the gunner skills i not what i need

I’ll take 3B. Send ISK and ingame mail with account info for transfer please. The gunner skills were for doing daily’s.

daily bump

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still looking for a buyer

How much are you doing this for. I’m interested. Is it omega?

2 bil

Is it omega? And I could probably do 1.5 bil

Character cant have omega ( omega stays in account)
u thought u gonna make some save dont u.

Sorry I don’t understand. The characters for sale will never come with omega?

see u have an account right ( and in that account u get 3 character slot) so when u but this one this character will go to one of the 3 slots (no u wont get omega as omega is for the whole account)

Oh… That’s disappointing. I was hoping to get a character with omega so I could run 2 guys at once.

PLEX them

Yeah Can’t really afford to atm and trying to earn it ingame. :slight_smile:

If you only have one account, even with omega you couldnt run two together. You would need two accounts.

But both have to be omega to run both characters at once