[WTB] Purely PI Alts 1-2 ⛰

Looking for 5/5 PI Alts, at least on the Command Center Upgrades and Interplanetary Consolidation.

Don’t mind light-medium training in industry / freighters / research fields.

Show me what you got.

If you can’t find 5/5 and still want PI alt, this is what i have

Sorry brother, the toon barely has PI trained :confused:

Bump !

D.Bumping, still looking !

b u m p!

d. b u m p !

d a i l y B

D. B U M P !

B U M P . . .!

I understand the appeal of what you are looking for, but the Isk for a character under 3mil sp won’t cover the transfer fee, not sure that you’ll get any takers, but good luck and free bump

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I see your point, that’s why I edited the initial posts to include a bit more.

Daily Bump !

b.u…m.p !

d.bump o7

it takes 18 or so days to train lvl 4 pi skills why not just train the toons

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