82M sp ORE hauling; Caldari Gallente Freighter and JF

Denis Besic

Mining/hauling/transporting pilot that may serve well to someone, I am no longer need it.

Short forum required pilot info:

1 Jump Clone
No bounty
location High sec
I sell a character with empty wallet and without any worthy assets

70b Buy Out

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55B offer

i will wait for more bids for now

@Elsa_Krupp how about 60b BO?

i can do 57b

@Uvaak can you 58.5?

I can offer 58.5B Online now!

yes will send isk after 12h.i am out home now

@Denis_Besic 60B buyout offer

@Athamari ok send 60b then and account name

ISK and Account name sent!

received, transfer paid, expect to get your new role in 10h, thanks!

Character received! Thank you for the transaction o7

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