WTS: 17.4m SP JumpFreighter, Covert Ops, Logistic pilot Transportship toon ( good alt)

Hello, i have abit to many charecters now. so i want to see what i can get for this one that i dont use
No password

Positive wallet
will be in NPC corp when sold
No kill rights etc etc

*Jump freighter
*Transport ship
*covert ops
*logi alt guardian

Good alt charecter. soon caldari freighter V (6days or so)
good alt for support in covert ops and trade skills. needs abit work on a few skills

Start bid: 5b
buyout 15b

Good alt for sale guys, lets see the offers!

Up we go!

I bid 5b

6b b/o

I can make more atm by skill extractors, come guys. let the bids flow

You literally put in your post “Start bid: 5b”. Don’t complain when you get a 5b or 6b bid. LOL

8B b/0

Up we go

buyout lowerd: 13b isk in hand, good price for a 17.5m SP charecter

10B b/o

up we go, still looking for abit more atleast 12b

12b B/O

12.5 B

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