WTS: 7,911,944SP pilot, Covert ops, logistics

Hello. Selling this Minmatar Pilot, i have this nice charecter i dont use

Good stuff to know:
*7,911,944 SP
*Guardian Pilot
*Covert OPs
*3+ Implatset
*No killright, Positive wallet
*0.19 sec status

pw: 4321

Ill put startbid at 5b Isk
And buyout just offer someting

End: 2018-04-08 18:00 Eve time

Thanks you guys. hope the charecter comes to someone in need of it!

Eveboard link?

sry forgot, thanks for reminder!

Very nice alt to build on guys, come and get it!

6 bill b/o good for 12 hours

Well 6b is highest bid, it ends soon 18:00 eve time

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