82m sp Wyvern/Chimera/Moros driver

  • 2 bonus remaps
  • No bounty
  • high sec location
  • Security status and wallet both positive
  • No JC

Bidding from 60b
BO 75 b

60b offer

70b, isk ready

no reply from buyer, character is still for sale

up to the mooon!

60 bil offer is still valid?

Yes I do

ISK and acc info sent

ISK received, I will initiate a transfer shortly and post here

sorry, I have some issues with the payment. I filled a support ticket so they can help me to solve this.

Do you solve the problem?

in progress, should be solved today or tomorrow depending how fast I get a reply to my ticket

I’m waiting still

It’ more than 10 days.If the problem can’t be solved,please send isk back

I encountered the same problem as you, and I suggest you appeal to the GM.

My ISK was refunded after the appeal.

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I also recommend creating a Support Ticket.

You are russian, so therefore you cannot transfer as normal. Though 1 or 2 have been able to, via plex i believe

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