83.4m SP Rorq pilot level V mastery Anshar level V mastery almost JF too

(Merc200DFI) #1

I am selling myself
Sec status is positive
wallet is positive
no kill rights
Buy out is 80 B
Feedback is welcome
All offers will be considered, well almost all LOL


(Victoria Rosa) #2


(Victoria Rosa) #3


(Perpetualed) #4


(Victoria Rosa) #5

Its a consideration, but I will have to wait and see if I get any better offers.

(Maizie Fields) #6

65 billion.

(Victoria Rosa) #7

At this point i will accept will accept highest bid ending in 24 hours of this post which will be 10P Eastern Standard Time USA I also have another mining toon at 104.3 m SP and does have JF V mastery and PI too. If there is any interest this other toon, it can be prepared and offered. So if 65 Bil is highest in 24 hours we have a deal.

(Perpetualed) #8

66 billion

(Victoria Rosa) #9

66 Bil wins, transfer isk and mail account info.

(Perpetualed) #10

ISK and account name sent via ingame mail.

(Victoria Rosa) #11

Transfer in progress. TY for the biz

(system) #12

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