84mil SP looking for carrier shenanigans

     I have ben away from eve a long time but the lack of mmo/games has pulled me back looking for something to do. Started a corp with some friends and they kinda ■■■■■■ off so now im looking to do something I havent really done before. usually play 2-5days a week from 14:00-20:00 then sometimes get back on for 00 - 05 depending on the day. 

     Want to finally put these carrier skills to use but may need help/training on how to use/ make isk with one. Like I said I have ben gone a long time some patience of my ignorance is appreciated. Looking for hopefully a long term corp / corp hopping  is a pain in the dick. Serious organizations only please.

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Come have a chat with us on discord mate - we might be what u are looking for :slight_smile:

o7 My Dude!

WEF loves flying the big ■■■■ around and actually using our toys … and losing them to when necessary. Come check us out and hit us up if you like what you see! Welcome Back!

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