85 milllion SP Dread/Carrier pilot Null PVP


80 billion start, 120 billion buy out,

1. Wallet balance.
11 Million, rest was sold off, no significant assets

2. Kill rights
No kill rights

3. Jump clones
2 Null Sec, PR-8CA and HLW-HP
2 High Sec, Jita, Emrayur

4. Character location.
High Sec Amarr

security stat -4.8


My offer 80B

( the net worth information is often false, and we need more than luck to retreive anything from the null sec .
Perhaps a quick list of the asset speak louder than the net worth )

PS : Security Status -4.84

that is true, I moved all the stuff out of null and into a low and I honestly don’t know how net worth is calculated, honestly do 90 bill and hes yours I gotta get going soon and I want to close this ASAP, how do I link a list of assets?

My solution would be a little bit complicated because I don’t know really how to do that quickly
by using JEveAssets …
or more practically your main assets should’nt take more than 6 lines ( or evepraisal ) …

you wanna just say ■■■■ it, hes got 2 carriers and a dread, I’ll sell the rest and call it 5 billion net worth
all in low I moved them out personally

My bid is still valid :slight_smile:
your description is enough for me , don’t wan’t to burden you

I’ll hit you up within 24 hours if nobody elts offers

alright :slight_smile: still want him

Alright, let’s do it .

lol so… how do we do this, im going to have to research this

the normal way , there is a thread about this .
On my side , need to give you the isk and my infos
on yours connect to the eve web site , transfer , put my infos on it and voila
( you have to pay for the transfer in cash or in plex )

ok so I just need to transfer to an account you want, and for the isk you need to transfer it to my buddy

should we private message this into?

only my infos and yours relative to the account are private
everything else has to be clear .
But you did the job by showing correctly your toon, perhaps the details of the asset is light.
the rest we’ll do it with evemail

ok I g2g get RL stuff done today but send me the account into I need to send this char to :slight_smile:

I am logged at the moment , convo in progress :slight_smile:

Offer cancelled following change in the sell

sorry for the confusion bud thanks for taking the time to talk

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