85M SP returning player looking for a WH corp

*** too late, i’ve joined a corp :slight_smile: ***

Short story:
After spending a good month solo-ing Eve, I want to get back into a fun, relaxed corp in W-space.

Long story:
I’ve recently rejoined EVE after a few years of downtime (back then, there were no upwell structures, no Thera, no SoE explorer ships, …) and am slowly learning about all the new content/changes. By nature I’m mainly a carebear and have been checking out the PVE side of EVE the past month (mining, missions, HS exploration, WH exploration, Null-ninja-ratting, …). I do PvP too but haven’t done it yet since I feel I should catch up on the new content first (strategic destroyers are sparkling new to me).

What I’m looking for:

  • A wormhole corp with it’s own infrastructure (there’s only so much a mobile depot can do). I have no class requirements, I assume it’ll correspond with your member count :slight_smile:
  • A relaxed atmosphere. I work all day, Eve should never feel like I HAVE to do something
  • RL comes first mentality. I’ve got a full-time job, kids, a house, hobbies, …
  • PvE opportunities: As mentioned, I’m a carebear :slight_smile: I’m hoping to earn enough iskies to reactivate my Alt on plex’s (79M SP’s on him)
  • No continuous wars please. I do enjoy HS from time to time and would like to keep that option open
  • Active in EU TZ (I ‘m active at 21 EVE time to 23 EVE time mostly)
  • No required Voice comms. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be there for PVP and when I can, just don’t expect me to be there everytime I’m online.
  • A fun group of guys!

What I can offer:

  • A relaxed, fun corp-mate with that trademarked Belgian humor
  • A helpful member
  • A self-sufficient member. I can take care of myself :slight_smile:
  • In the future, once I rake in enough isk, an additional alt of 79M SP
  • I’m familiar with tripwire and use it in my solo expeditions as well
  • I’m a software developer in RL, So I can assist in any IT related projects

Send a reply here, or an EVE mail and I’ll be sure to check your corp out! If you got a link to a recruitment post, drop it in there!

I’m not sure what to expect in terms of responses here, but I’ll try and respond to all replies for as long as I’m still “looking”

Hey @MrBramme ,

Want to check out Mostly Sober? I know you said you want wormhole but if you decide you want null that’s where we are and some of our coalition members do dable in wormholes. Want to hear more check out the standard blob below.

Mostly Sober is an experienced group of pilots that has expertise in all aspects of EVE but with a focus on PVP. We are led by the outlaw himself, MrChuckNorris, One of the best/most chill FC/Alliance leads in the game. We are Alliance members of The Bastard Cartel, who specialize in quality over quantity and are currently operating in the content rich regions of Tenerifis, Catch, Curse, & Immensea Fly Safe…Fly Dangerous…Fly Sober…Well Mostly Sober

Corp Killboard

What We Offer

    • Active and inviting Community/TS/Discord for engagement, questions, and asshatery
  • Experienced FC’s and Content Generating Members

  • NullSec space for lucrative ratting/Ore & Ice Mining/Baiting

  • Small/Medium Gang Warfare in USTZ/EUTZ

  • Black Ops Fleets - BLOPS

  • Alliance Fleet Ops 50+ with lots of small gang optys

  • Capital Fleets

  • Doctrine Ships on Contract

  • Excellent Logistic Backbone

  • Propaganda Competitions

What We Are Looking For:

  • Players looking to Learn and Grow/Enhance their PVP experience

  • Team Players - Mostly Sober is a collective effort

  • Experienced Content Creating Personas

  • PVP/Indy/Logistics/Capital Pilots

  • 15m Skill Points

  • No Alpha Clones

  • Relocate and Stage in Home System

  • A Carefree Attitude

  • Adaptable, Willing To Train Into Fleet Doctrines

  • Current/Former Military

  • Dank Soundboards

Come chat in our public channel MS-Recruitment in-game to learn more and apply in game and here:

Mostly Sober Application Form

New Jovian Exploration Department

In-Game Public Channel: NJED Bar and Lounge

Out-of-Game Public Channel: Discord #njed-public

NJED has been residing in j-space for over 2 years, and as a part of the A Band Apart. alliance, we form the core wormhole operations group. We are a medium-sized PvP corp and expect all our members to be able and willing to put up a fight. We don’t want to deny fair content to anyone, and thus we look for the same in return. NJED only exists as a framework for our members to make something out of it. Everyone is encouraged and supported to try something new, organize an event, become a leader for others.

Our Corp Provides

• Third-party Tools (Discord, Tripwire, Fleet-up, Wiki)

• Citadel Infrastucture

• Full P4 PI Capabilities

• Hull Replacement Program (Limited SRP)

Our Members Provide

• Content creation and consumption - Our scouts and content creators are the lifeblood of the corp. They receive full priority on loot from content found by them.

• A relaxed atmosphere - RL always comes first and we have no strict activity demands from our members. We do ask that prolonged absence is discussed beforehand.

• Experience - We have a lot of knowledge packed into the long-time members of the corp we’re eager to share. If you are new to wormholes or haven’t logged in since melted nanoribbons were 8 million ISK, we’ll get you on your feet and running.

• Geographic diversity - While the majority of our members are from the US, we have presence in AU and EU timezones as well.

Our Requirements For Application

• Full API

• We have recently relaxed our recruitment restrictions. Alphas and low SP are encouraged to apply, we will review to see if you’re a good fit for us.

• Alphas will need to be ready to specialize, especially with the new Alpha clone changes. We will provide useful skill paths to assist.

Feel free to contact us here, in our public chat, or one of our recruiters: Bluedagger, Artennius Lee, Irie Igunen

I’ve found a small group of belgians. So I joined them :slight_smile: thanks for the replies guys!

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