89.8mill sp great subcap

HE IS in an NPC corp but board wont update


New skillboard above as other one does not seem to update for me but ill link it anyway

5.0 sec status
Located in Jita
Positive wallet
+5 set with a clone with exact same

89.6 mill sp

3 race(caldari,Gal,Amarr) frig/destroyer/cruiser/BC and BS to level 5 with t2 guns
Leshak with t2 guns and BS to l4

  • Frigate(33 / 45)
  • Cruiser(28 / 38)
  • Battleship(25 / 35)
  • Assault Frigate(9 / 13)
  • Heavy Assault Cruiser(8 / 12)
  • Combat Battlecruiser(11 / 14)
  • Destroyer(8 / 10)
  • Interdictor(3 / 4)
  • Covert Ops(3 / 8)
  • Interceptor(8 / 10)
  • Logistics(4 / 7)
  • Force Recon Ship(4 / 9)
  • Stealth Bomber(3 / 5)
  • Electronic Attack Ship(4 / 5)
  • Heavy Interdiction Cruiser(5 / 6)
  • Black Ops(3 / 5)
  • Marauder(3 / 4)
  • Combat Recon Ship(3 / 4)
  • Strategic Cruiser(1 / 4)
  • Attack Battlecruiser(3 / 4)
  • Tactical Destroyer(2 / 4)
  • Logistics Frigate(3 / 4)

Just look at the flyable loads of great stuff he can fly

L4 caldari navy and SOE missions

A very focused subcap

Price is 70 bill and over ill keep this up till that price is met, any lower offers I wont respond to and will be taken as a free bump.

B/O 75 bill


65bil buy out. Isk in hand

70 is the very min id consider

no worries. i could bump up to 66, but that’s the most i could do. Good luck!

We haved fixed so any new char for sale, all skills will show by default. But if you can please change your setting as noted below to change your settings to show all skills

Not quite sure what this means but ive updated it.

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Drunken Saken 70B

Very close to what I want ill maybe accept when im back from work around 10 hours from now.

I’ll be on a bit after.

Ok let me know when you’re back on here and we can get started.

I’m ready when you are, just accept my offer and I will send the isk and account info.

Offer is accepted for 70 bill ill get it going when isk and account info has been sent.

Online now.

Isk and account info sent.

Isk and account info received and character tansfer has been started thank you.

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