WTB around 70-100mil SP Char

WTB around 50-100mil SP Char doesnt need to be focused on anything , price matter , isk ready :slight_smile:

Are you still shopping for a new character? This toon is 92m sp - I would need to clean up the inventory etc, but might be interested in selling. Let me know if worth doing the work to clean it up? Thanks!

Would u take 65bil for it?

Thanks for the offer. I think Iā€™m going to hold on to it for now, and may consider extracting unneeded skills myself. Thanks!

75 bill

i could do 70bil for you char

I feel its worth a bit more its 3 race frig/dest/cruiser/BC and BS to l5 with t2 guns and leshak BS l4 with t2 guns. Blops and marauder 3 race. Access caldari navy l4 and l5 nissions and SOE l4 missions. Well just look at what he can fly. Its a very very focused sub cap. The eve board doesnt seem to update hes 89.5 mill sp and out of corp already.

71bil is max i could do for that , seems rather fair. im able to send isk right now.

Im currently at work and wont be back for around 10 hours. Ill have a think on it and let you know when im back if you get another offer before then, then no probs.

Ok ive decided its 75 bill no less. If you cant reach to that then thats no problem im not that bothered about selling anyway.

yeah , im going to pass at 75bil , ty for the offer tho.

just slightly under 70mil sp nice char 55bil buyout

let me know

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