90M+ SP bittervet looking for ... something

Hi folks, after yet another one of those grand EVE hiatuses (hiatii?) I’ve again failed to win EVE and fell into the rabbit hole once more. A few key points:

  • Been playing since beta
  • I suck at keeping my training queue filled hence there’s less SP than I could have
  • My skills are all over the place

As far as things go that I enjoy, I do like PVP (just not blobby style), I’m an absolute whore for ratting, I do some PI, I do some industrial stuff.

Now as to what I’m looking for… here is where it gets complicated.

I’m looking for a corporation in nullsec that allows for a filthy casual to remain among their ranks. In real life, I live on a sailboat (no ■■■■, for real) and this means that occasionally I’ll get bored of the scenery of wherever I may be, and I’ll be moving my boat elsewhere, or I’m nowhere near a cell tower to get a decent 4G signal. This means that mandatory ops aren’t something I can promise to handle due to, well, the above reasons really.

I’ve got Discord and a working mic. I don’t have TS or Mumble and will not install those because I’ve got more than enough crap installed on my laptop already. I can fly pretty much every races’ subcaps (except Trig/Eden), as well as Gallente carriers.

In real life I’m mid-40’s, live on a sailboat (yes, mentioned it already but figured I’d repeat that tidbit), and do remote IT work for a living. I am sarcastic, cynical, and as mentioned before an absolute filthy casual.

Anyone interested? :stuck_out_tongue:

greetings… @scrambled we may fit perfectly for you. we are a chill nullsec Corp part of a bigger alliance so we have plenty pvp content as pve too.

check us out and we can work on any detail you don’t see fit …

Cheers! I’ll drop in the public chat for… a chat. After DT I guess :slight_smile:

no rush. I’m still at work so voice only when I get home xD. if you want to ask questions ahead my discord is kritikosk8#5153

Hey man!

We’re not a Nullsec corp, but you might be interested in wormhole space if you like PvP and love ratting. We shoot everyone, and the isk-making opportunities in wormhole space blow nullsec out of the water.

Check us out! Feel free to hop into our in-game public channel “BHD Public” if you have any questions.

Here is our corp recruitment ad

Thanks for the replies guys, gals, attack helicopters and drones. I think I’ve found my new spot. Time will tell! :smiley:

Hey my dude o/

I feel like you’d have a great time with us man. We own a nice little bit in Sov Null and are looking for people just like yourself to come hang out, blow ■■■■ up and do whatever you want with a bunch of like minded people. We’re still fairly small and are mostly all casual players as well.
Come say hi if you’re interested :smiley:

Hi Scrambled

EDIT: Naw dam, just spotted that youve found a home already. Well, check us out anyway if that doesnt work out. Cheers!

Ha thats cool. We have an awesome home for you in Guns. Shallow null based, small gang PVP with a strong Indy base and nice space for ratting.

Check out out our ad and hopefully we can chat soon!

We’re not nullsec but we’re casual and have a good laugh if that thing intrestesting :slight_smile:

Hey scrambled,

Take a look at us at Into Oblivion. [0BLVN]

We’re a young corporation, situated in a large null alliance that was founded on the premise of doing stupid stuff, cuz stupid stuff is fun.

We can offer you the following things:
★Small gang PvP (The Corp is run by current null block FC’s)
★Big Block PvP
★3 Regions of space to make ISK from
★Alliance industry structures
★Friendly community
★Moons to mine

If you’re interested come find us in game in 0BLVN Public, our public channel.

0BLVN Recruiter

Eve Forum Post: Nexus Federation - Industry, Mining and PvE. Looking for pilots and corporations!

CEO & Recruitment - Kael Zatek (Discord: Kael Zatek#0206)

Discord: Join our discord!

Wish I had caught you before you joined another corporation! I work on freighters myself, and would have loved to talk water with you while we ran around ratting in Null haha. Good luck out there, and if you find yourself lost again, send me a message!

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