90m sp former fc looking for late night WEST COAST US 0.0 home

Like the title says: looking for a place to call home. Moved from the east coast a few years ago and fell off EvE in the process, but I’m looking to get back into the swing of things. Still have my original toons, and would love to head back out for some combat.

I used to do a lot of roaming. I fly vagabonds, tackle, pretty much perfect specced for everything necessary. I have a few carriers and dreads, but fairly poor so good ratting space or corp pvp reimbursement are big pluses. Not new but def rusty. Also have a similarly skilled industry alt that I will probably leave in highsec but can provide api key for.

Corp/alliance must have:

  • active nightly roaming west coast usa
  • true 0.0 (prefer non renting member of sov holding alliance)
  • active alliance fc in all timezones
  • good intel channels
  • good infrastructure / organization
  • adult attitude, no weird politics/drama, mature + chill people
  • not an industry corp

I’m not interested in supercaps but will do large alliance ops / timer ops. Always ready for good fights.

Character was born on 07/07

Mostly Sober is a great home for you. We are a PVP corp within a sov-null alliance, The Bastard Cartel, in Tenerifis. We are active and fighting for space daily against the Red Menace Coalition. We are looking for pilots with experience, especially as FC, to come help lead the fight. - We fight. - Come check us out or DM me!

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