90M SP Indy Main + 84M SP Subcap toon + Assorted Supporting Alts Looking for Nullsec Home


Still looking


Still looking for a home

Hey mate could you jump on our discord so we can have a chat?

Don’t have my laptop back from repair yet mate, I’m responding to offers via evemail/ reddit PM until I get my laptop back


Still searching

@phonybarone, Your post sticks out to me as you sound much like me and many of our members within the corp. We are a medium sized corporation living in nullsec and forging a new chapter in our corporations history. Just securing some high value industry assets we are an active community looking to expand some more in the north west of the map.

Check us out and swing by to ask any questions you have either in game “FAYN.Recruits” or in here


Hey Phonybarone,

Our corp lives in null-sec in the alliance Requiem Eternal, in the Legacy Coalition. There are many fleets forming each day with the wars going on, so enough possibility for a good fight. We are a chill group, focused on having fun. Drama is not for us, we had drama in our previous corp and that made us all leave to avoid any of this. Right now we are just chilling, doing what we like while listening to some chill music and fooling around on discord. We do not have mandatory stuff, nor do we require players to be on certain times. Real life always comes first. Feel free to check us out!
Hope to hear from you

WTB cool indy dudes. Just fired up a Corp in a good Coalition, looking for dudes to make a difference.

Join Banana-Republic. Discord if u want. https://discord.gg/x23uUd3

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Just a reminder to all, my laptop is still in for servicing (bloody covid at it again). I’m making a list of corps I’m interested in to contact in-game when I finally get my laptop back

Bump. Still looking.


Shot ya an in game mail


Still searching for home

Come talk to us: Laid-back and mature nullsec group - Running with Wolves [.PACK]

Hey mate,

Sounds like you could be a great fit with Shepards of Mettle. Join our Discord if you’re interested in inquiring further. https://discord.gg/QFRVpjv


We are a 14 year old corp in 0.0 looking for indy, miners, ratters and PvPers; Come join PUBLICFUSEN in game channel for a chat.


Thanks for the posts, I’ll be touching back with many of you in-game hopefully this week

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Should come check us out at WEF dude. We are laid back and chill but with a more serious side when we need it. We are growing fast but have some great small gang fights. Have lots of PVP content as needed but CTAs are sparse but important. Check us out brother. I’d put our group up against any other on level of fun to be had.

Join UNKSO and help us make our SOV Null useful!!

X-Prot - We Want You
We are a team of experienced pilots. Our requirements are simple, you have to chill and socialise.

We are a corp of PVP guys that log on and kick ass We know better than anybody when you have to log off the big op because your kids set fire to the cat.

We are a PVP corp based in great wildlands/ scalding pass SOV, Striving to achieve a strong PVP name for ourselves all’s we want is your experience and company while we’re doing it. Instead of running down to the local bar/pub to hang with friends, we log onto DISCORD and do eve stuff.

DISCORD Use (Listening and Speaking)

very friendly people in corp. safe space to rat and mine to fund those shiny ships
So we offer you the chance to come and see what we are about and to speak with us directly, as we are sure that we can prove to you that we are worthy of your APPLICATION.

COME AND JOIN US ON OUR EVE CHANNEL AT —> x-prot <— Copy and paste for ease, and speak to one of our listed recruiters who will be happy to help.