90mill+ SP Combat Veteran Looking for 0.0 no sovblock corp

Read title, and lemme know what’s out there

you are welcome. with us. :grinning:

thank you, but you fail to read the title… NO SOV BLOCK corp ergo no coalitions


It’s common place for people not to read your post. 90% of the people replying on here don’t bother reading what people are looking for and just post their recruitment to every person who’s looking for a corp.

Better get used to it, but it does suck.

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Agreed, i guess it is what it is, but ya, im done with politics and agreements and what not, looking for a good place to sit back, relax, make isk and do pvp.

Dont really like lowsec, and HS i believe doesnt net me the amount of isk/hr im looking for, unless someoen has a different approach i havent seen or heard about in 8 years

Hey come check us out,

  • Jaded

Hi Market

I know you are looking for 0.0 but if you can consider pochven and being part of a 100% independent pvp group please have a look at our latest vid below

You can also join our discord and talk to us for a bit


If you’re looking for 0.0 without blocs, like making dank isk, dropping caps and are EU/UStz, you’ll be right at home with us in the South :wink:

NPC space is what you are looking for.

No blocks, no tidi, no getting stuck or relocating once at 2 months. Other than that, enough ways to sustain yourself isk wise, and the pvp content is decent, all things considered.


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