91mil sp Maurader Pilot

Possible sell this character Azrael T Skills

in NPC Corp/station
Positive Wallet
Positive Security Status
No Kill rights
No Bounty
all other Rules apply

Can Fly all Mauraders blackops and more with supporting skills as well as Exhumers hacks hics

Make me offer if i see what i like pilot will be sold

Re-Opened [Edited @ISD_Drew ]

65B offer

66B Offer

72B offer

72.5B offer

Are you still selling?


Still selling? 74b

75B offer

80bil only valid for 24 hours

81b~ for 24hrs

84b if still selling for 48hrs

85B for 24h


86b (captain is my other acc)

88b B/O

This guy hasen’t replied for over one month, I don’t think it’s a serious sale any more people!