96m sp nice character good skill Triglavian Collective Specialization

Hi, I want sell myself if price good enough i will sell.
perfect subcap,Perfect shooting missiles engineering navigation.
positive sec status
positive wallet
npc corp
no kill rights

all ccp rules apply
email in-game or here i will check post every 24h
Starting price 75B
B/O 85B

Please don’t bid less than 75B, I exchanged skill injectors for more than this price


75bill isk ready

perfect Triglavian Collective skill

send your isk and account

character is not in npc corp as i can see ATM

you send isk and account Iwill quit corp

that’s not how sales work here, according ccp rules you must be in npc corp before you put your character here for sell.

ok i quit the corp

and stay in jita IV

Done, isk and acc info sent to LowaClassBattleshipBB63 US Navy. Waiting for confirmation.

Transfer start

Character Name: LowaClassBattleshipBB63 US Navy

Will be completed after: 9/26/2020 12:28:11 AM

Confirm. Transfer received. Thank You.

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