96mill SP character sub Capital pilot specialist

96 mil SP character


Starting at 75 billion
Buyout price 95 billion

All clones located on high security space including jita
The image I provided is current and true showing current locations and implants

Her portfolio is in excellent and positive condition with 1mil isk to remain on character when transferred to you No outstanding contracts active

Her security status is positive as appears on the image she has no bounties or kill rights and never been an outlaw in her existence

All CCP rules and regulations applied


80b offer

81B offer

85B offer

90 billion anyone for the beautiful A8ina :grin: a buy off offer :palm_up_hand: except and transfer the isk and account name and A8ina will be with you ASAP :heart_eyes:

ok, 90b offer

Okay go ahead transfer isk and mail account to A8ina and I will start transfer

isk has been transfered

I did transfer of the character A8ina I have receipt of payment for transfer character I guess now it’s up to them to complete their work

Excellent! thank u so much!

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