A call for Inquisition - Rot within the Amarrian Empire

I come here today to speak of my concern over the safety of citizens in Amarrian systems where holders are seldom held to account. It strikes me, as a man whom has lived in Huola most of his space-faring life, that our safety is part, and parcel, the responsibility of the holders that govern such locations. I’ve survived many attacks on Huola over the past few years; attacks orchestrated by the Blood Raiders (in which Cerra Manor was almost completely destroyed), and by the Minmatar forces of Ushra’Khan (whom threatened to kill everyone in Huola as they bombarded the ground from orbit).

But today, I say that enough is enough.

Lady Cerra has often made decisions that affect the lives of her citizens - from publicly executing Matari spies to allowing enemies of the Empire to reside within her estate. Most recently, her romantic relationship with a known terrorist and Sansha pilot, messr Drake Arson, has put all of our lives in jeopardy. How can we sleep safely in our beds when a dangerous man, such as this, is welcomed with open arms into the life of our beloved holder? What happens when our holder becomes corrupt, or suffers from the various methods of mind-control known to be used by the Sansha Nation?

No. This is time for us, the people, to act. I call for the inquisitors to begin an enquiry into this Sansha threat, and take strong action against this wayward holder.

This matter is not the only safety concern for those within Lady Cerra’s protection. More recently, her Lord Adjutant has seen fit to engage in marriage to a Matari Freedom Fighter and terrorist. How can that not possibly put our lives at further risk? You have only to study the freely available data of his spouse to see that she is a very dangerous woman. Should this woman be allowed to engage in marriage with an Amarrian holder and the Lord Adjutant to Huola? I say that it should not!

I hope that this concern is read and considered with the urgency I believe it requires, and have the marriage annulled by a suitable enquiry board and have Lady Cerra stripped of her Holding immediately.

Yours; a very concerned citizen.

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Let’s see here:

Why should anyone in the MIO care what a Republic Military school matari capsuleer thinks? Especially one that is not in a loyalist corporation or alliance of good standing. Please also provide proof instead of making wild accusations.

shrugs Well at least my security is good enough to not have some random no-name capsuleer whining on the IGS about what other activity occurs on that planet.

Wild accusations, Mr Cetes?

I call upon Shalee Lianne Cerra to answer me here directly. She is known to speak the truth and keep her word, despite her dubious decisions of late. Will she lie to protect herself?

Holder Lady Cerra; do you refute the accusations made against you?

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And we should care…why?


Mister Dorragg, let me be frank. We have scoured the records of Cerra Holding, and your name is nowhere to be found among my people. Simply put, you are not one of ours. No one knows who you are other than a man of little words, words that have besmirched my dear friend, Norrin Ellis’s name. Other than that, I think that you are nothing more than a sock puppet for someone else, perhaps? Someone who is too cowardly to make these terrible accusations themselves.

I assure you that I go to great pains to make certain my people are safe and cared for. My Lord Adjutant and I have taken every precaution to protect the citizens of Cerra Holding. As you have mentioned, we have been under attack over the years from Blood Raiders, the Minmatar, and even have been the target of death glow attacks from unknown terrorists. Through it all, Cerra Holding has persevered. My people, and the refugees from Octanneve who have sought asylum while their homes are being rebuilt from those horrific hurricanes months ago, are all safe and sound and are in no way under threat from the likes of Drake Arson. I can’t imagine that he has even been to Huola, much less knows the location of my Holding.

I find these accusations laughable. You bring your ‘concerns’ as a ‘citizen’ to a public forum among capsuleers, who have no concern whatsoever over what happens within my Holding.

As Lasairiona Raske so succinctly put it, ‘we should care, why?’.

I couldn’t have said it better.

Lady Shalee Lianne Cerra
Cerra Holding, Huola VII


I heard Lady Cerra once put jam on a fruit scone without any butter at all.

I demand a post of between 3 and 57 thousand words denying this outrageous act.

That’s 3 as in three, not three thousand, before people start their nonsense.

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A hard truth you have to swallow, knowing now that your God and its Empire are second seat to a far greater power.

Shhh, they get really upset when people point out how awesome Goonswarm is.

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I’m disturbed that my and Norrin’s names are mentioned in the same post.

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